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Tour the Excel Window
Tour the
Excel Window
To get up to speed quickly with Excel, it helps to
understand the various elements of the Excel
window. These include standard window elements
such as the title bar, window controls, and status
bar; Office-specific elements such as the Ribbon,
Quick Access Toolbar, and File tab; and Excel-specific
elements such as the worksheet.
A Title Bar
The title bar displays the name
of the current workbook.
B Quick Access Toolbar
This area gives you one-click access to
commands that you use often. To learn
how to customize this toolbar, see
“Customize the Quick Access Toolbar,”
later in this chapter.
C Ribbon
This area gives you access to all the
Excel commands, options, and
features. To learn how to use this
element, see the following section,
“Work with the Excel Ribbon.”
D Workbook Window
You use these controls to
minimize, maximize, restore,
and close the current
workbook window.
E File Tab
Click this tab to access file-related commands,
such as Save and Open.
G Status Bar
This area displays messages
about the current status of
Excel, the results of certain
operations, and other
F Worksheet
This area displays the current worksheet, and it
is where you will do most of your Excel work.
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