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Delete a Table Row
Delete a
Table Row
If your table contains a record that includes
inaccurate, outdated, or unnecessary data, you
should delete that row to preserve your table’s data
An Excel table is a repository of data that you can
use as a reference source or to analyze or summarize
the data. However you use the table, it is only as
beneficial as its data is accurate, so you should take
extra care to ensure the data you enter is correct. If
you find that an entire record is inaccurate or no
longer needed, Excel enables you to quickly delete
that row.
Delete a Table Row
1 Select a cell in the row you
want to delete.
Note: To delete multiple
rows, select a cell in each
row you want to delete.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Delete ( ).
4 Click Delete Table Rows .
A Excel deletes the row.
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