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Add a Column Subtotal
Working with Tables
The Quick Analysis options
3 Click Totals .
4 Click the type of calculation
you want to use.
A Excel adds a Total row to
the bottom of the table.
B Excel inserts a SUBTOTAL
function to perform the
calculation you chose in
Step .
C Click the cell’s to choose
a different type of subtotal.
Is there a quick way to insert a total
row in my table?
Yes. If the column you want to total is
the last column in the table, you can
add the total row and include a
SUBTOTAL function for that column
with just a few mouse clicks:
1 Click any cell within the table.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click the Total Row check box (
changes to
A Excel automatically inserts a row named Total at the bottom of the table.
B Excel adds a SUBTOTAL function below the last column.
4 Click the cell’s
and then click the type of subtotal you want to use.
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