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Work with the Excel Ribbon
Work with the
Excel Ribbon
You use the Ribbon element to access all the
features, commands, and options in Excel. The
Ribbon is organized into various tabs, such as File,
Home, and Insert, and each tab contains a collection
of controls that are related in some way. For
example, the File tab contains controls related to
working with files, such as opening, saving, and
printing them. Similarly, the Insert tab contains
controls related to inserting objects into a
worksheet. Each tab usually includes buttons, lists,
and check boxes.
There is no menu bar in Excel, so you do not use
pull-down menus to access commands.
Work with the Excel Ribbon
1 Click the tab that contains
the Excel feature you want
to work with.
Excel displays the controls
in the tab.
A Each tab is organized into
groups of related controls,
and the group names
appear here.
B In many groups, you can
click the dialog box
launcher button ( ) to
display a dialog box that
contains group settings.
2 Click the control for the
C If the control displays a
list of options, click the
option you want.
Excel runs the command or
sets the option.
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