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Sort a Range or Table
Analyzing Data
A Excel adds another sort
7 Click the Then by and
then click the field you
want to use for the sort
8 Click the Order and
then click a sort order for
the field.
9 Repeat Steps to to 8
add more sort levels as
0 Click OK.
B Excel sorts the range.
Is there a faster way to sort a range?
Yes, as long as you only need to sort your
range on a single column. First, click in any
cell inside the column you want to use for the
sort. Click the Data tab and then click one of
the following buttons in the Sort & Filter
How do I sort a range using the values in a
row instead of a column?
Follow Steps to to display the Sort 3
dialog box. Click Options to display the Sort
Options dialog box, select the Sort left to
right option (
changes to
), and then
click OK.
Click for an ascending sort.
Click for a descending sort.
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