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Filter a Range or Table
Filter a Range
or Table
You can analyze table data much faster by only
viewing those table records that you want to work
with. In Excel, this is called filtering a range.
The easiest way to filter a range is to use the Filter
buttons, each of which presents you with a list of
check boxes for each unique value in a column.
You filter the data by activating the check boxes for
the rows you want to see. If you have converted the
range to a table, as described in Chapter 10, the
Filter buttons for each column are displayed
Filter a Range or Table
Display the Filter Buttons
Note: If you are filtering a
table, you can skip directly
to the “Filter the Data”
1 Click inside the range.
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Click Filter (
A Excel adds a Filter button
( ) to each field.
Filter the Data
1 Click for the field you
want to use as the filter.
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