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Filter a Range or Table
Analyzing Data
B Excel displays a list of the
unique values in the field.
2 Click the check box for each
value you want to see
( changes to ).
C You can toggle all the check
boxes on and off by clicking
Select All .
3 Click OK.
D Excel filters the table to show
only those records that have
the field values you selected.
E Excel displays the number of
records found.
F The field’s drop-down list
displays a filter icon ( ).
To remove the filter, click the
Data tab and then click Clear
; not shown).
Can I create more sophisticated filters?
Yes, by using a second technique called quick filters , which enables you to specify criteria for
a field:
1 Click for the field you want to use as the filter.
2 Click Number Filters .
Note: If the field is a date field, click Date Filters ; if the field is a text field, click Text
Filters .
3 Click the filter you want to use.
4 Enter the value you want to use.
5 Click OK.
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