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Set Data Validation Rules
Set Data
Validation Rules
You can make Excel data entry more efficient by
setting up data entry cells to accept only certain
values. To do this, you can set up a cell with data
validation criteria that specify the allowed value or
values. This is called a data validation rule .
Excel also lets you tell the user what to enter by
defining an input message that appears when the
user selects the cell. You can also configure the data
validation rule to display a message when the user
tries to enter an invalid value.
Set Data Validation Rules
1 Click the cell you want to
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Click Data Validation (
The Data Validation dialog
box appears.
4 Click the Settings tab.
5 In the Allow list, click and
select the type of data you
want to allow in the cell.
6 In the Data list, click and
select the operator you want
to use to define the allowable
7 Specify the validation
criteria, such as the
Maximum and Minimum
allowable values shown here.
Note: The criteria boxes you
see depend on the operator
you chose in Step .
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