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Set Data Validation Rules
Analyzing Data
8 Click the Input Message
9 Make sure the Show input
message when cell is
selected check box is
clicked ( ).
0 Type a message title in the
Title text box.
! Type the message you want
to display in the Input
Message text box.
@ Click OK.
Excel configures the cell to
accept only values that meet
your criteria.
A When the user selects the
cell, the input message
Can I configure the cell to display a message
if the user tries to enter an invalid value?
Yes. Follow Steps to to open the Data 3
Validation dialog box, and then click the Error
Alert tab. Make sure the Show error alert
after invalid data is entered check box is
clicked ( ), and then specify the Style , Title ,
and Error Message . Click OK.
How do I remove data validation from a cell?
If you no longer need to use data validation
on a cell, you should clear the settings.
Follow Steps to to display the Data 3
Validation dialog box and then click Clear
All . Excel removes all the validation criteria,
as well as the input message and the error
alert. Click OK.
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