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Create a Data Table
Create a
Data Table
If you are interested in studying the effect a range
of values has on the formula, you can set up a data
table . This is a table that consists of the formula you
are using, and multiple input values for that formula.
Excel automatically creates a solution to the formula
for each different input value.
Do not confuse data tables with the Excel tables that
you learned about in Chapter 10. A data table is a
special range that Excel uses to calculate multiple
solutions to a formula.
Create a Data Table
1 Type the input values:
To enter the values in a column,
start the column one cell down
and one cell to the left of the
cell containing the formula, as
shown here.
To enter the values in a row,
start the row one cell up and
one cell to the right of the cell
containing the formula.
2 Select the range that includes
the input values and the
3 Click the Data tab.
4 Click What-If Analysis (
5 Click Data Table .
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