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Create a Data Table
Analyzing Data
The Data Table dialog box
6 Specify the formula cell you
want to use as the data table’s
input cell:
If the input values are in a
column, enter the input cell’s
address in the Column Input
Cell text box.
If you entered the input values
in a row, enter the input cell’s
address in the Row Input Cell
text box.
7 Click OK.
A Excel displays the results.
What is what-if analysis?
It is perhaps the most basic method for
analyzing worksheet data. With what-if
analysis, you first calculate a formula D, based
on the input from variables A, B, and C. You
then ask, “What happens if I change the value
of variable A?”, “What happens if I change B
or C?”, and so on.
When I try to delete part of the data table, I
get an error. Why?
The data table results are created as an array
formula , which is a special formula that
Excel treats as a unit. This means that you
cannot move or delete part of the results. If
you need to work with the data table results,
you must first select the entire results range.
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