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Summarize Data with Subtotals
Analyzing Data
The Subtotal dialog box
4 Click the At each change in
and then click the
column you want to use to
group the subtotals.
5 In the Add subtotal to list,
click the check box for the
column you want to
summarize (
to ).
6 Click OK.
A Excel calculates the
subtotals and adds them
into the range.
B Excel adds outline symbols
to the range.
Note: See the following
section, “Group Related
Data,” to learn more about
outlining in Excel.
Do I need to prepare my worksheet to use
Yes. Excel sets up subtotals based on
groupings in a field. For example, if you ask
for subtotals based on the Customer field,
Excel runs down the Customer column and
creates a new subtotal each time the name
changes. Therefore, you need to sort the range
on the field containing the data groupings you
are interested in.
Can I only calculate totals?
No. You can also count values, calculate the
average of the values, determine the
maximum or minimum value, and more. To
change the summary calculation, follow
Steps to , click the Use function , and 4
then click the function you want to use for
the summary.
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