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Work with the Excel Galleries
Work with the
Excel Galleries
In the Excel Ribbon, a gallery is a collection of preset
options that you can apply to the selected object in
the worksheet. To get the most out of galleries, you
need to know how they work.
Although some galleries are available all the time, in
most cases you must select an object — such as a
range of cells or a clip art image — before you work
with a gallery.
Work with the Excel Galleries
Work with a Gallery List
1 If necessary, click the object
to which you want to apply
an option from the gallery.
2 Click the tab that contains
the gallery you want to use.
3 Click the gallery’s More
arrow ( ).
A You can also scroll through
the gallery by clicking the
Down (
) and Up ( ) arrows.
Excel displays a list of the
gallery’s contents.
4 Move the mouse pointer ( )
over a gallery option.
B Excel displays a preview of
the effect.
5 Click the gallery option you
want to use.
Excel applies the gallery
option to the selected object.
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