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Group Related Data
Related Data
You can control a worksheet range display by
grouping the data based on the worksheet formulas
and data.
Grouping the data creates a worksheet outline, which
you can use to “collapse” sections of the sheet to
display only summary cells, or “expand” hidden
sections to show the underlying detail. Note that
when you add subtotals to a range as described in
the previous section, “Summarize Data with
Subtotals,” Excel automatically groups the data and
displays the outline tools.
Group Related Data
Create the Outline
1 Display the worksheet you
want to outline.
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Click the Group .
4 Click Auto Outline .
A Excel outlines the
worksheet data.
B Excel uses level bars to
indicate the grouped
C Excel displays level
symbols to indicate the
various levels of the detail
that are available in the
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