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Analyze Data with Goal Seek
Analyze Data
with Goal Seek
If you already know the formula result you want, but
you must find an input value that produces that
result, you can use the Excel Goal Seek tool to solve
the problem. You tell Goal Seek the final value you
need and which variable to change, and it finds a
solution for you.
For example, you might know that you want to have
$50,000 saved to purchase new equipment five years
from now, so you need to calculate how much to
invest each year.
Analyze Data with Goal Seek
1 Set up your worksheet model.
Note: See the tip at the end
of this section to learn more
about setting up a worksheet
for Goal Seek.
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Click What-If Analysis (
4 Click Goal Seek .
The Goal Seek dialog box
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