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Analyze Data with Goal Seek
Analyzing Data
5 Click inside the Set cell box.
6 Click the cell that contains the
formula you want Goal Seek to
work with.
7 Use the To value text box to
type the value that you want
Goal Seek to find.
8 Click inside the By changing
cell box.
9 Click the cell that you want
Goal Seek to modify.
0 Click OK.
A Goal Seek adjusts the changing
cell value until it reaches a
B The formula now shows the
value you entered in Step .
! Click OK.
How do I set up my worksheet to use Goal Seek?
Setting up your worksheet model for Goal Seek means doing three things. First, set up one cell as
the changing cell , which is the value that Goal Seek will manipulate to reach the goal. Enter an
initial value (such as 0) into the cell. Second, set up the other input values for the formula and
give them proper initial values. Third, create a formula for Goal Seek to use to reach the goal.
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