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Analyze Data with Scenarios
Analyzing Data
The Scenario Manager dialog box
5 Click Add .
The Add Scenario dialog box
6 Type a name for the scenario.
7 Click inside the Changing cells
8 Select the cells you want to
change in the scenario.
9 Type a description for the
0 Click OK.
Are there any restrictions on the changing
When you are building a worksheet model
for use with scenarios, make sure that each
changing cell is a constant value. If you
use a formula for a changing cell, Excel
replaces that formula with a constant value
defined in the scenario, so you lose your
Do I need to add a description to each scenario?
Yes. Your scenarios appear in the Scenario
Manager and for each scenario you see its
changing cells and its description. The
description is often very useful, particularly if
you have several scenarios defined, so be sure to
write a detailed description in Step to help 9
you differentiate your scenarios later on.
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