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Remove Duplicate Values from a Range or Table
Analyzing Data
The Remove Duplicates dialog
box appears.
4 Select the check box beside
each field that you want Excel
to check for duplication values
( changes to ).
Note: Excel does not give you a
chance to confirm the deletion
of the duplicate records, so be
sure you want to do this before
5 Click OK.
Excel deletes any duplicate
records that it finds.
A Excel tells you the number of
duplicate records that it
6 Click OK.
If I have a lot of columns, is there a quick way to check for duplicates based on just a couple
of those fields?
Yes. If your table has many fields, you may want Excel to use only one or two of those fields
to look for duplicate records. Rather than deactivating all the other check boxes manually,
first click Unselect All in the Remove Duplicates dialog box to clear all the check boxes
changes to
). You can then click to activate just the check boxes you want Excel to
use (
changes to
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