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Work with the Excel Galleries
Working with Excel
Work with a Drop-Down Gallery
1 If necessary, click the object
to which you want to apply an
option from the gallery.
2 Click the tab that contains the
gallery you want to use.
3 Click the gallery’s drop-down
arrow ( ).
Excel displays a list of the
gallery’s contents.
4 If the gallery contains one or
more subgalleries, click the
subgallery you want to use.
Excel displays the subgallery’s
C If a gallery has commands that
you can run, those commands
appear at the bottom of the
gallery menu.
5 Move the mouse over a
gallery option.
D Excel displays a preview of the
6 Click the gallery option you
want to use.
Excel applies the gallery option
to the selected object.
If I find the gallery preview feature distracting, can I turn it off?
Yes. The Live Preview feature is often handy because it shows you exactly what will happen when
you click a gallery option. However, as you move the mouse through the gallery, the previews
can be distracting. To turn off Live Preview, click the File tab, click Options , click the General
tab, click Enable Live Preview (
changes to
), and then click OK.
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