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Add Chart Titles
Add Chart
You can make your chart easier to understand by
adding chart titles, which are labels that appear in
specific sections of the chart. By including
descriptive titles, you make it easier for other people
to see at a glance what your chart is visualizing.
There are three types of chart titles that you can
add. The first type is the overall chart title, which
usually appears at the top of the chart. You can also
add a title for the horizontal axis to describe the
chart categories, as well as a title for the vertical
axis, which describes the chart values.
Add Chart Titles
1 Click the chart.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Add Chart Element .
4 Click Chart Title .
5 Click Above Chart .
A Excel adds the title box.
6 Type the title.
7 Click Add Chart Element .
8 Click Axis Titles .
9 Click Primary Horizontal .
B Excel adds the title box.
0 Type the title.
! Click Add Chart Element .
@ Click Axis Titles .
# Click Primary Vertical .
C Excel adds the title box.
$ Type the title.
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