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Display Chart Gridlines
Display Chart
You can make your chart easier to read and analyze
by adding gridlines. Horizontal gridlines extend from
the vertical (value) axis, and are useful with area,
bubble, and column charts. Vertical gridlines extend
from the horizontal (category) axis and are useful
with bar and line charts.
Major gridlines are gridlines associated with the
major units (the values you see displayed on the
vertical and horizontal axes), while minor gridlines
are gridlines associated with the minor units (values
between each major unit).
Display Chart Gridlines
1 Click the chart.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Add Chart Element .
4 Click Gridlines .
5 Click the horizontal gridline
option you prefer.
A Excel displays the horizontal
6 Click Add Chart Element .
7 Click Gridlines .
8 Click the vertical gridline option
you prefer.
B Excel displays the vertical
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