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Select a Different Chart Type
Select a Different
Chart Type
If you feel that the current chart type is not showing
your data in the best way, you can change the chart
type. This enables you to experiment not only with
the different chart types offered by Excel, but also
with its nearly 100 chart type configurations.
For example, if you are graphing a stock’s high, low,
and closing prices, a line chart shows you each
value, but a stock chart gives you a better sense of
the daily price movements. Similarly, if you are using
a bar chart to show percentages of some whole, you
would more readily visualize the data by switching to
a pie chart.
Select a Different Chart Type
1 Click the chart.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Change Chart Type .
The Change Chart Type dialog
box appears.
4 Click the chart type you want
to use.
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