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Move or Resize a Chart
Move or Resize
a Chart
You can move a chart to another part of the
worksheet. This is useful if the chart is blocking the
worksheet data or if you want the chart to appear in
a particular part of the worksheet.
You can also resize a chart. For example, if you find
that the chart is difficult to read, making the chart
bigger often solves the problem. Similarly, if the
chart takes up too much space on the worksheet, you
can make it smaller.
Move or Resize a Chart
Move a Chart
1 Click the chart.
A Excel displays a border
around the chart.
2 Move the mouse pointer ( )
over the chart border.
changes to .
Note: Do not position the
mouse pointer over a corner
or over the middle of any
side of the border.
3 Click and drag the chart
border to the location you
4 Release the mouse button.
B Excel moves the chart.
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