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Move or Resize a Chart
Visualizing Data with Charts
Resize a Chart
1 Click the chart.
C Excel displays a border
around the chart.
D The border includes sizing
handles on the corners and
2 Move over a sizing
changes to (left or
right), (top or bottom),
or (corner).
3 Click and drag the handle.
E Excel displays a gray
outline of the new chart
4 Release the mouse button.
F Excel resizes the chart.
Can I move a chart to a separate sheet?
Yes. Click the chart, click the Design tab, and
then click Move Chart to open the Move Chart
dialog box. Select the New sheet option
( changes to ). In the New sheet text
box, type a name for the new sheet, and then
click OK.
How do I delete a chart?
How you delete a chart depends on whether
your chart exists as an object on a worksheet
or in its own sheet. If the chart is on a
worksheet, click the chart and then press
Delete . If the chart exists on a separate
sheet, right-click the sheet tab, click Delete
Sheet , and then click Delete .
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