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Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Working with Excel
5 Click the command you want to
6 Click Add .
C Excel adds the command.
D To remove a command, click it
and then click Remove .
7 Click OK.
E Excel adds a button for the
command to the Quick Access
Note: Another way to remove a
command is to right-click the
command and then click Remove
from Quick Access Toolbar.
Can I get more room on the Quick Access
Toolbar to show more buttons?
Yes, you can increase the space available to
the Quick Access Toolbar by moving it below
the Ribbon. This gives the toolbar the full
width of the Excel window, so you can add
many more buttons. Click the Customize
Quick Access Toolbar button (
Is there a faster way to add buttons to the
Quick Access Toolbar?
Yes. If the command you want to add
appears on the Ribbon, you can add a button
for the command directly from the Ribbon.
Click the Ribbon tab that contains the
command, right-click the command, and
then click Add to Quick Access Toolbar .
) and then
click Show Below the Ribbon .
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