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Add a Comment to a Cell
Add a Comment
to a Cell
If you have received a workbook from another person,
you can provide feedback to that person by adding a
comment to a cell in the workbook. A comment is
often the best way to provide corrections, questions,
critiques, and other feedback because it does not
change anything on the actual worksheet.
Each comment is attached to a particular cell and
Excel uses a comment indicator to mark which cells
have comments. When you view a comment, Excel
displays the comment in a balloon.
Add a Comment to a Cell
Add a Comment
1 Click the cell you want to
comment on.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click New Comment ( ).
Note: You can also right-click
the cell and then click Insert
Comment .
Excel displays a comment
A Excel precedes the comment
with your Excel username.
4 Type your comment.
5 Click outside the comment
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