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Protect a Worksheet’s Data
Protect a Worksheet’s
If you will be distributing a workbook to other
people, you can enable the options in Excel for
safeguarding worksheet data by activating the
sheet’s protection feature. You can also configure
the worksheet to require a password to unprotect it.
There are two main methods you can use to
safeguard worksheet data: You can unlock only those
cells that users are allowed to edit and you can
configure a range to require a password before it can
be edited.
Protect a Worksheet’s Data
1 Display the worksheet you want
to protect.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click Protect Sheet (
Excel displays the Protect Sheet
dialog box.
4 Make sure the Protect
worksheet and contents of
locked cells check box is
activated ( ).
5 Use the Password to unprotect
sheet text box to type a
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