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Protect a Workbook’s Structure
Protect a Workbook’s
You can prevent unwanted changes to a workbook by
activating protection for the workbook’s structure.
You can also configure the workbook to require a
password to unprotect it.
Protecting a workbook’s structure means preventing
users from inserting new worksheets, renaming or
deleting existing worksheets, moving or copying
worksheets, hiding and unhiding worksheets, and
more. See the tips at the end of this section to learn
which commands Excel disables when you protect a
workbook’s structure.
Protect a Workbook’s Structure
1 Display the workbook
you want to protect.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click Protect
Workbook (
Excel displays the Protect
Structure and Windows
dialog box.
4 Click the Structure check
box ( changes to ).
5 Type a password in the
Password text box, if
6 Click OK.
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