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Protect a Workbook’s Structure
Collaborating with Others
If you specified a password,
Excel asks you to confirm it.
7 Type the password.
8 Click OK.
A Excel disables most
worksheetrelated commands on the
B Excel disables most
worksheet-related commands
on the worksheet shortcut
What happens when I protect a
workbook’s structure?
Excel disables most worksheet-related
commands, including Insert Sheet,
Delete Sheet, Rename Sheet, Move or
Copy Sheet, Tab Color, Hide Sheet,
and Unhide Sheet. Excel also prevents
the Scenario Manager from creating a
summary report.
How do I remove workbook structure
If you no longer require your workbook
structure to be protected, you can
remove the protection by following Steps
to . If you protected your workbook 3
with a password, type the password and
then click OK. Excel removes the
workbook’s structure protection.
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