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Share a Workbook with Other Users
Collaborating with Others
Excel tells you that it will
now save the workbook.
7 Click OK.
Excel saves the workbook and
activates sharing.
A Excel displays [Shared] in the
title bar.
You and users on your
network can now edit the
workbook at the same time.
How do I know if other people currently have the workbook
The Editing tab of the Share Workbook dialog box maintains
a list of the users who have the workbook open. To see this
list, follow these steps:
1 Display the shared workbook.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click .
The Share Workbook dialog box appears.
4 Click the Editing tab.
A The Who has this workbook open now list displays the
users who are currently editing the file.
5 Click OK.
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