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Track Workbook Changes
Track Workbook
If you want other people to make changes to a
workbook, you can keep track of those changes so
you can either accept or reject them (see the
following section, “Accept or Reject Workbook
Changes”). The Track Changes feature in Excel
enables you to do this.
When you turn on Track Changes, Excel monitors the
activity of each reviewer and stores that reviewer’s
cell edits, row and column additions and deletions,
range moves, worksheet insertions, and worksheet
Track Workbook Changes
1 Display the workbook you
want to track.
2 Click the Review tab.
3 Click Track Changes ( ).
4 Click Highlight Changes .
The Highlight Changes
dialog box appears.
5 Click the Track changes
while editing check box
( changes to ).
A Leave the When check box
activated ( ) and leave
All selected in the list.
B To learn more about the
Who and Where options,
see the tips at the end of
this section.
C Leave the Highlight
changes on screen check
box activated ( ) to view
the workbook changes.
6 Click OK.
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