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Accept or Reject Workbook Changes
Collaborating with Others
The Select Changes to Accept or
Reject dialog box appears.
A Leave the When check box
activated ( ) and leave Not yet
reviewed selected in the list.
B If you only want to review
changes made by a particular
user, click the Who check box
( changes to ), click the
Who , and then click the
user’s name.
6 Click OK.
The Accept or Reject Changes
dialog box appears.
C Excel displays the details of the
current change.
7 Click an action for the change.
D Click Accept to leave the change
in the workbook.
E Click Reject to remove the
change from the workbook.
Excel displays the next change.
8 Repeat Step to review all the 7
F You can also click Accept All or
Reject All to accept or reject all
changes at once.
What happens if I and another user make changes that
affect the same cell?
In this situation, when you save the workbook, Excel
displays the Accept or Reject Changes dialog box, which
shows the change you made as well as the change the
other user made. Click whatever change is the correct one
and then click Accept . If there are multiple conflicts, you
can save time by clicking your change or the other user’s
change and then clicking either Accept All or Reject All .
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