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Send a Workbook as an E-Mail Attachment
Collaborating with Others
Outlook creates a new
e-mail message.
A Outlook attaches the
workbook to the message.
6 Type the address of the
7 Type your message text.
8 Click Send .
Outlook sends the message.
Are there any restrictions related to sending
file attachments?
You should be careful with the total size of the
files. If the recipient has a slow Internet
connection, receiving the message can take an
extremely long time. Also, many Internet
service providers (ISPs) place a limit on the
size of a message’s attachments, which is
usually between 2 and 10MB.
What can I do if the recipient does not have
One possibility would be to save the
workbook as a web page (see the following
section, “Save Excel Data as a Web Page”).
Alternatively, if your recipient can view PDF
(Portable Document Format) files, follow
Steps to to display the Email commands, 4
and then click Send as PDF .
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