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Save Excel Data as a Web Page
Save Excel Data
as a Web Page
If you have an Excel range, worksheet, or workbook
that you want to share on the web, you can save
that data as a web page that you can then upload to
your website.
When you save a document as a web page, you can
also specify the title text that appears in the
browser’s title bar and the keywords that search
engines use to index the page. You can also choose
whether you want to publish the entire workbook to
the web, just a single worksheet, or just a range of
Save Excel Data as a Web Page
1 Open the workbook that
contains the data you want
to save as a web page.
A If you want to save a
worksheet as a web page,
click the worksheet tab.
B If you want to save a range
as a web page, select the
2 Click the File tab.
3 Click Save As .
4 Click Computer .
5 Click Browse .
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