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Save Excel Data as a Web Page
Collaborating with Others
The Save As dialog box
6 Click the Save as type
and then click Web Page .
7 Select the folder where
you want to store the web
page file.
8 Click Change Title .
The Enter Text dialog box
9 Type the page title in the
Page title text box.
0 Click OK.
! Click Tags and then type one
or more keywords, separated
by semicolons.
@ Choose which part of the file
you want to save as a web
page ( changes to ):
C Click Entire Workbook to
save the whole workbook.
D Click Selection to save either
the current worksheet or the
selected cells.
# Click Save .
Excel saves the data as a web
If I make frequent changes to the workbook, do I have to go through this
procedure after every change?
No, you can configure the workbook to automatically save your changes to the
web page file. This is called AutoRepublish. To set it up, follow Steps to to 12
get the workbook ready for the web and then click Publish . In the Publish as
Web Page dialog box, click AutoRepublish every time this workbook is saved
( changes to ). Click Publish . Excel saves the workbook as a web page and
will now update the web page file each time you save the workbook.
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