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Mark Up a Worksheet with a Digital Pen
Mark Up a Worksheet
with a Digital Pen
Excel comes with a digital ink feature that enables
you to give feedback by marking up a worksheet with
pen marks and highlights. This is often easier than
adding comments or cell text.
To use digital ink on a worksheet, you must have
either a tablet PC or a graphics tablet, each of which
comes with a pressure-sensitive screen. You can then
use a digital pen — or sometimes your finger — to
draw directly on the screen, a technique known as
digital inking .
Mark Up a Worksheet with a Digital Pen
Activate Digital Inking
1 Tap the Review tab.
2 Tap Start Inking ( ).
Excel enables digital inking.
Mark Up with a Pen
1 Tap the Pens tab.
2 Tap Pen ( ).
3 Use the Pens gallery to
select a pen color and
A You can also use the Color
) and Thickness (
buttons to customize
the pen.
4 Use your digital pen (or
finger) to write your marks
or text on the worksheet.
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