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Mark Up a Worksheet with a Digital Pen
Collaborating with Others
Mark Up with a Highlighter
1 Tap the Pens tab.
2 Tap Highlighter ( ).
3 Use the Pens gallery to select
a highlighter color and
B You can also use and
to customize the highlighter.
4 Use your digital pen (or
finger) to highlight the
worksheet text.
Erase Digital Ink
1 Tap the Pens tab.
2 Tap Eraser ( ).
3 Use your digital pen (or
finger) to tap the ink you
want to remove.
Excel erases the ink.
C When you no longer need
to mark up the worksheet
with digital ink, tap Stop
Inking (
Is there a way to hide a worksheet’s digital ink
without deleting that ink?
Yes. This is a good idea if you want to show
the worksheet to other people but you do not
want them to see the digital ink, either
because it contains sensitive information or
because it makes the worksheet harder to read.
To toggle your digital ink off and on, click the
Review tab and then click Show Ink (
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