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Collaborate on a Workbook Online
Collaborate on a
Workbook Online
If you have a Microsoft account, you can use the
SkyDrive feature to store an Excel workbook in an
online folder (see “Save a Workbook to Your
SkyDrive,” earlier in this chapter) and then allow
other users to collaborate on that workbook using
the Excel Web App.
Collaboration here means that you and the other
users can edit the workbook online at the same time.
To allow another person to collaborate with you on
your online workbook, it is not necessary that the
person have a Microsoft account. However, you can
make your online workbooks more secure by requiring
collaborators to have a Microsoft account.
Collaborate on a Workbook Online
1 Use a web browser to
navigate to http://skydrive.
Note: If you are not already
logged in, you are prompted
to log on to your Microsoft
Your SkyDrive appears.
2 Click the folder that
contains the workbooks
you want to share.
3 Click Share folder .
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