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Enter Text into a Cell
Entering Data
3 When your text entry is
complete, press .
D If you do not want Excel
to move the selection,
click Enter (
) or press
E Excel closes the cell for
F If you pressed , Excel
moves the selection to the
cell below.
When I press Enter, the selection moves to the
next cell down. Can I make the selection move
to the right instead?
Yes. When you have finished adding the data
to the cell, press . This tells Excel to close
the current cell for editing and move the
selection to the next cell on the right. If you
prefer to move left instead, press
When I start typing text into a cell, why
does Excel sometimes display the text from
another cell?
This is part of an Excel feature called
AutoComplete. If the letters you type at the
start of a cell match the contents of another
cell in the worksheet, Excel fills in the full text
from the other cell under the assumption that
you are repeating the text in the new cell.
; if you
prefer to move up, press
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