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Enter a Number into a Cell
Enter a Number
into a Cell
Excel is all about crunching numbers, so most of your
worksheets will include numeric values. Although you
will often use numbers by themselves as part of a
database or table, many of the numbers you enter
will be used as the inputs for the formulas you build,
as described in Chapter 6.
You can enter whole numbers (such as 5 or 1,024),
decimals (such as 0.25 or 3.14), negative numbers
(such as -10 or -6.2), percentages (such as 6% or
25.9%), and currency values (such as $0.25 or
$24.99). To get the most out of Excel, you need to
know how to enter these numeric values.
Enter a Number into a Cell
1 Click the cell in which you want
to enter the number.
A Excel marks the current cell by
surrounding it with a thick,
green border.
2 Start typing your number.
B Excel opens the cell for editing
and displays the number as you
C Your typing also appears in the
formula bar.
Note: Rather than typing the
number directly into the cell, you
can also type the number into
the formula bar.
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