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Enter a Number into a Cell
Entering Data
3 When your number is
complete, press .
D If you do not want Excel
to move the selection,
click Enter (
) or press
E Excel closes the cell for
F To enter a percentage value,
type the number followed by
a percent sign (%).
G To enter a currency value,
type the dollar sign ($)
followed by the number.
Can I use symbols such as a comma, decimal
point, or minus sign when I enter a numeric
Yes. If your numeric value is in the thousands,
you can include the thousands separator (,)
within the number. If your numeric value
includes one or more decimals, you can
include the decimal point ( ) when you type
the value. If your numeric value is negative,
precede the value with a minus sign (
Is there a quick way to repeat a number
rather than entering the entire number all
over again?
Yes. Excel offers a few methods for doing
this. The easiest method is to select the cell
directly below the value you want to repeat
and then press +’. Excel adds the value
to the cell. For another method, see “Fill a
Range with the Same Data” in Chapter 3.
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