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Enter a Date or Time into a Cell
Enter a Date or
Time into a Cell
Many Excel worksheets use dates and times either as
part of the sheet data or for use in calculations, such
as the number of days an invoice is overdue. For
these and similar uses, you need to know how to
enter date and time values into a cell.
The date format you use depends on your location.
In the United States, for example, you can use the
month/day/year format (such as 8/23/2013).
The time format also depends on your location,
but the general format for entering a time is
hour:minute:second followed by a.m. or p.m.
(such as 3:15:30 p.m.).
Enter a Date or Time into a Cell
Enter a Date
1 Click the cell in which you want
to enter the date.
A Excel marks the current cell by
surrounding it with a thick,
green border.
2 Type the date.
Note: See the following tip to
learn which date formats your
version of Excel accepts.
3 When your date is complete,
press .
B If you do not want Excel to
move the selection, click Enter
( ) or press + instead.
Excel closes the cell for editing.
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