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Insert a Symbol
Entering Data
The Symbol dialog box
6 Click the Symbols tab.
7 Click the symbol you want to
Note: Many other symbols are
available in the Webdings and
Wingdings fonts. To see these
symbols, click the Font
and then click either
Webdings or Wingdings .
8 Click Insert .
A Excel inserts the symbol.
9 Repeat Steps and to 8
insert any other symbols you
0 Click Close .
Are there keyboard shortcuts available for symbols I use frequently?
Yes, in many cases. In the Symbol dialog box, click in the from list and select ASCII
(decimal) . Click the symbol you want to insert, and then examine the number in the Character
code text box. This number tells you that you can enter the symbol via the keyboard by holding
, pressing
, and then typing the number. For example, you can enter the © symbol
by pressing
. Be sure to type all the numbers using your keyboard’s numeric
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