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Edit Cell Data
Entering Data
4 When you finish editing the
data, press .
D If you do not want Excel
to move the selection,
click  Enter (
) or press
E Excel closes the cell for
F If you pressed , Excel
moves the selection to the
cell below.
Is there a faster way to open a cell for
Yes. Move the Excel mouse pointer ( ) over
the cell you want to edit, and center the
I made a mistake when I edited a cell. Do I
have to fix the text manually?
If the cell edit was the last action you
performed in Excel, press + or click
Undo ( ) in the Quick Launch Toolbar. If
you have performed other actions in the
meantime, click the Undo and then click
the edit in the list. Note, however, that this
also undoes the other actions you performed
after the edit.
over the character where you want to start
editing. Double-click the mouse. Excel opens
the cell for editing and positions the cursor at
the spot where you double-clicked.
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