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Fill a Range with the Same Data
Fill a Range with
the Same Data
If you need to fill a range with the same data, you
can save time by getting Excel to fill the range for
you. The AutoFill feature makes it easy to fill a
vertical or horizontal range with the same value, but
you can also fill any selected range. This method is
much faster than manually entering the same data in
each cell.
See the previous section, “Select a Range,” to learn
how to select a range of cells.
Fill a Range with the Same Data
Fill a Vertical or Horizontal
1 In the first cell of the range
you want to work with,
enter the data you want to
2 Position the mouse over
the bottom-right corner of
the cell (
changes to
3 Click and drag down to
fill a vertical range or across
to fill a horizontal range.
4 Release the mouse button.
A Excel fills the range with
the initial cell value.
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