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Fill a Range with a Series of Values
Fill a Range with
a Series of Values
If you need to fill a range with a series of values,
you can save time by using the AutoFill feature to
create the series for you. AutoFill can fill a series of
numeric values such as 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on; a
series of date values such as January 1, 2013,
January 2, 2013, and so on; or a series of
alphanumeric values such as Chapter 1, Chapter 2,
Chapter 3, and so on.
You can also create your own series with a custom
step value, which determines the numeric difference
between each item in the series.
Fill a Range with a Series of Values
AutoFill a Series of Numeric,
Date, or Alphanumeric Values
1 Click in the first cell and
type the first value in the
2 Click in an adjacent cell and
type the second value in the
3 Select the two cells.
4 Position the mouse over
the bottom-right corner of
the second cell (
to ).
5 Click and drag down to
fill a vertical range or across
to fill a horizontal range.
A As you drag through each
cell, Excel displays the
series value that it will add
to the cell.
6 Release the mouse button.
B Excel fills the range with a
series that continues the
pattern of the initial two
cell values.
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