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Flash Fill a Range
Flash Fill
a Range
You can save time and effort by using the Flash Fill
feature in Excel to automatically fill a range of data
based on a sample pattern that you provide.
The two most common ways to use Flash Fill are flash
filling a range with extracted data and flash filling a
range with formatted data. For example, if you have
a column of full names, you might want to create a
new column that includes just the first names
extracted from the original column. Similarly, if you
have a column of phone numbers in the form
1234567890, you might want a new column that
formats the numbers as (123) 456-7890.
Flash Fill a Range
Flash Filling a Range with
Extracted Data
1 Make sure the column of
original data has a heading.
2 Type a heading for the
column of extracted data.
3 Type the first value you want
in the new column.
4 Begin typing the second
A Excel recognizes the pattern
and displays suggestions for
the rest of the column.
5 Press .
B Excel flash fills the column
with the extracted data.
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