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Flash Fill a Range
Working with Ranges
Flash Filling a Range with
Formatted Data
1 Make sure the column of
original data has a heading.
2 Type a heading for the new
column of formatted data.
3 Type the first value you want
in the new column.
4 Begin typing the second value.
C Excel recognizes the pattern
and displays suggestions for
the rest of the column.
5 Press .
D Excel flash fills the column
with the formatted data.
Why do I not see the automatic Flash Fill suggestions when I type the sample data?
For Flash Fill’s automatic suggestions to appear, you must have headings at the top of both the
column of original data and the column you are using for the filled data. Also, the flash fill
column must be adjacent to the original column, and the sample entries you make in the fill
column must occur one after the other. Finally, note that Flash Fill’s automatic suggestions
usually only work with text data, not numeric data.
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