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Move or Copy a Range
Working with Ranges
Copy a Range
1 Select the range you want to
2 Press and hold .
3 Position the mouse over
any outside border of the
range ( changes to ).
4 Click and drag the range to
the location where you want
the copy to appear.
D Excel displays an outline of
the range.
E Excel displays the address of
the new location.
5 Release the mouse button.
6 Release .
F Excel creates a copy of the
range in the new location.
Can I move or copy a range to another workbook?
Yes. If you can see the other workbook on-screen, click and drag the range as described in this
section, and then drop it on the other workbook. Remember to hold down if you are
copying the range. Otherwise, select the range, click the Home tab, click Cut ( ) to move the
range or Copy ( ) to copy it, switch to the other workbook, select the cell where you want
the range to appear, click Home , and then click Paste (
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