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Insert a Row or Column
Insert a Row
or Column
You can insert a row or column into your existing
worksheet data to accommodate more information.
The easiest way to add more information to a
worksheet is to add it to the right or at the bottom
of your existing data. However, you will often find
that the new information you need to add fits
naturally within the existing data. In such cases, you
first need to insert a new row or column in your
worksheet at the place where you want the new data
to appear, and then add the new information in the
blank row or column.
Insert a Row or Column
Insert a Row
1 Click any cell in the row below
where you want to insert the
new row.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Insert .
4 Click Insert Sheet Rows .
A Excel inserts the new row.
B The rows below the new row are
shifted down.
5 Click the Insert Options smart
tag ( ).
6 Select a formatting option for
the new row (
changes to
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